Orla Walsh – Irish Phenom!

I’ve been following the exploits of Irish cyclist Orla Walsh for a little while now and I’m constantly astonished by her dedication and accomplishments.


#RIDESHIMANO did a great write-up on her a wee bit ago (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Check it out HERE                                             Orla on Instagram

Vic Behm – CULT BMX

What better way to get this blog fired up again after a long unintentional hiatus than by going back to the roots of my personal favorite 2-wheeled endeavor, BMX – Bicycle Moto-Cross. Back in the early days when BMX was just racing on the weekends and tearing around empty fields or woods after school, the sport had not broken up into factions like the ones that exist today. The bikes were just BMX bikes, too. You could do anything on the early 4130 chromoly beasts. You could do anything on the mild-steel department store bikes too, but not likely more than once.

On race day between motos, the racers would entertain themselves by doing basic freestyle tricks. Bunnyhops, 180’s, 360’s front hops, back hops, rockwalks, etc.

Before long BMXer’s had a decision to make: Continue to race or follow the path paved by Bob Haro and pursue freestyle full-time. A select few (and by few I mean one) could do both at the highest level and Andy Ruffell of the UK was that rare specimen.

Vic Behm is a throwback to the BMXer of yesteryear. Feast your eyes on this example of the pure joy of a guy riding his BMX. Doesn’t matter if it’s at the racetrack, skatepark or at the trails, Vic shreds it all!


I was thinking all these weeks to have an explanation of sorts as to why I started this blog. It is at least partially due to pointless web threads such as this that soil an otherwise reputable website – I mean forum. JUSTRIDETHEFUCKINGTHING

Next: Just how many crimps are “enough” when it comes to cable end caps?