Skylock – Smart Bike Lock

Just a matter of time, I guess. pretty slick; a solar powered, smart phone compatible bicycle lock. amusing video as well…


Bianchi C4 Night Video

A little throwback with this being the weekend of the Giro d’Italia and all… the Bianchi C4 made it’s debut with the Gewiss-Bianchi team in the 1987 installment of the Giro during the team time trial. 27 years later and it’s still a sexy machine and one that would not look out of place today.


2014 Bespoked UK Handmade Bicycle Show

From their website…

“Bespoked is a celebration of handmade bicycles, components and accessories and the people who make them.
For further details about the show please visit
If you would like to be part of the 2015 show please email with the subject 2015
Many thanks to Serin for making the film if you’d like him to make you a film please visit”


FBM Bikes

As much as I detest the formulaic framebuilder videos that seem to be released on an hourly basis (you know the type – slow mo pan across the workbench, show tubes being mitered and sanded, place tubes in jig, etc.etc.) you have to cut the FBM guys major slack. Unlike most of the ‘builders” out there, they have paid their dues and spent more actual time putting frames together instead of creating a semi fictional online resume before the first tubes hit the jig. It doesn’t get much more justridethefuckingthing than this.